Job Security – depends on YOU, and not your Company.

It seems that most of the people I interview have a common view when it comes to “Job Security” and that is, they view this as something that is provided by their Company.  I used to think the same thing until I heard a podcast of Zig Ziglar’s that changed my opinion.    He explains that Job Security is self made or established by the individual, and not by the employer.  If a person were to perform at the best of their ability versus doing only the bare minimum, then when the Economy takes a turn for the worse, this person would more than likely not be asked to leave the Company.

Ziglar uses the analogy of Kobe Bryant playing for the L.A. Lakers, and that if his Team were to disband, that he would surely get picked up by another team, not because he played for the Lakers, but because he PERFORMED for them.

People need to realize that your company cannot guarantee you “job security” , especially if you only do the bare minimum to stay employed.   You can, however, guarantee a better chance for yourself if you do more than what you are paid for in your work.  An employee that goes above and beyond their job description is a valuable team member, and when tough times roll through, they are less likely to be “let go” when the Company decides who gets cut.

The following are tips I give to folks who worry about job security, and will help you guarantee a place in your company for years and years.

1. Never show up late to work, in fact, show up at least 30 minutes early.  Showing up early to work, shows your eagerness to work for your company.  Showing up late consistently gives the perception that you just don’t care about your job or the Team.

2. Don’t gossip or listen to others gossip at work.  This causes resentment within the company and ultimately could lead to your early departure from the company.  Gossip is nothing but a waste of time, loss of productivity, and will come back to haunt you in the future.  If you run into this, do an immediate about face and get back to work.  Let those who choose to listen lessen their own ” job security”.

3.  Be a problem solver not a problem creator.  If you notice a fault in your company, before going to your boss, come up with several solutions first.  Doing so will make you out to be a Team player versus just a complainer.

4.  Do more than what you are paid for.  Volunteering for odd jobs that come up every once in a while will show commitment and your willingness to go the extra mile.  Helping others with time critical assignments to ensure they meet a deadline will highlight you in a good way.

5.  Continuous self improvement will almost always come to the surface and be apparent to your boss and co-workers.   This is really easy to do, and will help you feel better about yourself in the long run.     Getting to your ideal weight, reading books in your industry, learning a new skill within your field of work, or becoming an expert at a difficult subject or task are some of things you can do to improve yourself and ensure  your “job security”.

I hope this was in some way helpful, and changes your mindset of how to stay gainfully employed.  It should also help give you peace of mind in knowing that you can create your destiny in times of economic depressions.  Worrying about losing your job should be a thing of the past if you follow the above tips.   Let me know if you have other tips to share in the comments.


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