Failure as a blessing

First off, I wish I had read a blog post like this or been taught in my childhood that one should treat failure as a blessing.  I am not sure where I would be right now if I had received that “gold nugget” of information, but can guess that it would put me on a higher rung of the ladder with life in general.   Who knows?  But to those of you who have stumbled upon this,  I hope this post crumbles some personal barriers that have been put in front of you, either by yourself or others.

I had been taught either directly or indirectly that failure was ALWAYS a negative occurrence and that one should avoid such occurrences in life as much as possible.   In the Air Force, it was preached that “failure was not an option” and in operational missions I fully understand that, but off the “battlefield” I think the opposite should be taught.  Or at the very least, that failure can be looked at in a better light.

The fear of failure is a very powerful force and can cause one to procrastinate or never attempt to move towards their goal.  If there are self esteem issues involved or if pride is on the line, the fear of looking like a failure in front of your coworkers or friends can seriously deter even the most ambitious folks from accomplishing their goals in their career or in their personal life.  The purpose of this post is simply to tell you, the reader, that failure is a necessity, and to reach your major goals you will most definitely experience setbacks and delays.  If you can change your mindset about the term “failure” then you can reach your goals faster and attain more in the long run.

The other thing with failure is that it is an event and not a person.  Once your realize this, I believe it gets easier to keep after your goals even after huge setbacks or delays.  After a failure occurs, it is important to realize that these events happen and not to get down on yourself.  It has been said that great success usually occurs just after a great failure.  The important thing is to keep going after each failure until you get to that success.  Persistence is key in reaching your goals and marching forward despite the failures.  Find out the lessons learned from the failure and try again…and again.  Just keep going.


This will be an ongoing post I hope.  Updated as I go forward with my own goals.  Adding insights and tips as I find them myself.

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