Know Thyself Before You Wreck Thyself

“So tell us a little bit about yourself.”

Pause.  What in the world do I say that sounds good?

Probably not what you want to be asking yourself during an interview.  This question WILL come up in every interview, so why not practice out loud a good self intro beforehand.  Write down a small paragraph of who you are in about 2-3 sentences.

The first sentence should include your full name, where you are from originally, and your current/past job title and/or experience.

So for example it would go like this:

“Hello, my name is ________, from XYZ, and I have just completed XX years of Honorable Service in the US Air Force as a _______.” 

The next sentence should include several of your strengths, for example:

“Several of my strengths include extensive team building skills, solid leadership experience in high stress environments, and adaptability in ever changing situations.”

The final sentence should include the reason why your are there in the interview, so something like this would be acceptable:

“Today I am very excited to be here interviewing with XX Company for the role of ______ and eager to answer any questions about my work history and future goals.”

Once you have something down on paper that sounds good, practice it until it is memorized and sounds natural, not scripted.  Also practice in front of family or friends to create some added stress comparable to a real interview.  Another technique you can use is to practice in front of a mirror.  You can practice your smile so it doesn’t look forced, which is VERY noticeable when it is not a sincere smile.  I recommend using a slight smile or grin when speaking as to look approachable and genuinely happy versus looking too happy or perhaps a little creepy.

Good luck and Godspeed.  We’re all counting on you.


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