Ditch the Tank Top and Mullet.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Dress for success”.

And , yes, you are being judged by how you dress for an interview.

First thing.  Buy a nice suit or dress ( for the ladies) that is tailored to your body.  A fitted suit will make you look more professional and better looking and not like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy with the fat guy in a little coat scene.  Do not try to fit into an old suit from your high school prom.  Do not buy your suit from Good Will.  Do not wear your father’s hand me down suit.  Tuxedo t-shirts…way off. You can find some really nice looking suits at the Base Exchange which are usually marked down from their actual price if you were to buy off base.

Next, wear a white dress shirt with long sleeves.  No short sleeves, even in the summer!  You should be able to see a little portion of the cuff while wearing the suit jacket.

Shoes, should be black or brown, and polished, but not necessarily spit shined.  No Chuck Taylor’s or tennis shoes, as this only works on TV and movies.  And maybe for Tech companies like FB or Google, but they are the exception and not the norm.

Make sure you get a nice hair cut and are clean shaven.  Unfortunately the fu man chu look with huge hamhock sideburns complete with a full grown mullet will scream louder than the words coming out of your mouth.  Sorry Joe Dirt.

Refrain from eating that oven roasted garlic stuffed garlic or anything spicy the night before for obvious reasons.  You definitely do not want an unexpected “Code Brown” in the middle of your interview.

Do a dress rehearsal the night before and have your spouse or significant other give you a once over to let you know of any major wardrobe malfunctions or flaws in your attire or overall fashion sense.  For the guys this is crucial.  Ladies are way mo better in this area and their opinions are worth a hefty cent.  Take heed.

And good luck!

If your have your own suggestions, please leave a comment.  The more the merrier.



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