This is a place for veterans who have recently separated from the armed service, or who are about to leave and need assistance in landing work on the outside.  I myself have served 13 years of honorable service in the USAF as an F-16 Fighter Pilot and am currently employed in Tokyo as an Executive Recruiter to find professionals for major global companies.   In the last two years of working in the corporate world, I have interviewed hundreds of top professionals and can relay their experiences and careers to you as a brand new member to the civilian workforce, and help you to not just survive, but thrive.

My goal is to help reduce Veteran Unemployment to zero.  So if you know someone in the Armed Forces who is getting prepared to transition or have already left and seeking employment, please share this site as a helpful guide to finding a career outside of the Military.  I would like to use this site as an ongoing virtual meeting place for folks to share their successes and lessons learned in finding a job in the civilian work force.

Feel free to post your comments, questions, or own experiences to this site for others to share and learn what it takes to go from combat boots to business suits.

Thanks in advance!


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